October 14, 2010

Once I had a dream to....

own a beach house.  And, then life happened - my family took priority, and my career took off.  At sometime this Summer I started to really try to remember what dreams I had when I was a little girl.  What did I want to be?  Who did I want to become?  And, one dream kept coming up for me, and that was to have a beach house.  That was going to be my happy place to run away to and just be in peace.  I still have that dream.  That desire to run away where all is calm and clear.  My desire for this was so big that I decided to and play/dream.

So I went out on line to 'dream' and this is what I found.. somewhere?  NO I will not be buying this house BUT it is the perfect beyond perfect if I am honest. 

It is my favorite colors on the outside, and on the inside.  Purple, Pink, Yellow, and Blue.  I can see, feel, and smell my beach house.  Have you ever felt that strong about a desire or a dream?  My goodness, it is a very powerful, moving and motivating feeling!  I am in love with this house, and it might not be the dream that actually comes true, but one day I will have a house at the beach and I can always decorate it in all my favorite colors!  :0)  Life is all about making others feel good, and dreaming to make the impossible happen!  Life is good!  HUGS!!!!