January 3, 2011

Pop Pop - A lesson of strength

One year ago today I found out that my Pop Pop had passed away.  It was shocking, and a relief all in one conversation.  I will never forget how hard that week was for me since I had not lost a close loved one ever.  Sure I had the experiences of loss some close and others not so close, but never a family member that I had a good relationship with for years. 

Pop Pop was so strong.  He was a man of honor, and truth.  He was a man that did what was right regardless of what others thought.  He was a man of few words.  He was a person that listened and didn't judge.  He was a person of love, and kindness.  Pop Pop was LOVE.

In the last year of challenges, and change for me personally I have thought of him often.  I have asked myself if Pop Pop were here what would he tell you right now?  What would he "approve" you doing in this situation?  And, the answer is often - pray first.  Pray first and have patience for the answers.  Stay true to what God wants us from each of and the answers will come, but you also have to be still and listen.  The other lesson that I can say Pop Pop would have given me would be to remain strong.  Put God first, family second, and work third.  To stay focused on the important things in life, pray, have patience, listen, and don't jump to conclusions is hard.  And, if Pop Pop ever lived outside of the values he showed us growing up I never witnessed it.  Pop Pop was my lesson in strength! 

It is my hope that I will change my way to reflect more of my Pop Pop in my daily life.  And, that my children will absorb the good intentions of prayer, strength, and the true meaning of LOVE. 

Pop Pop I miss you everyday!  I know you are having the time of your life right now, enjoy!
Until I see you again,

October 14, 2010

Once I had a dream to....

own a beach house.  And, then life happened - my family took priority, and my career took off.  At sometime this Summer I started to really try to remember what dreams I had when I was a little girl.  What did I want to be?  Who did I want to become?  And, one dream kept coming up for me, and that was to have a beach house.  That was going to be my happy place to run away to and just be in peace.  I still have that dream.  That desire to run away where all is calm and clear.  My desire for this was so big that I decided to and play/dream.

So I went out on line to 'dream' and this is what I found.. somewhere?  NO I will not be buying this house BUT it is the perfect beyond perfect if I am honest. 

It is my favorite colors on the outside, and on the inside.  Purple, Pink, Yellow, and Blue.  I can see, feel, and smell my beach house.  Have you ever felt that strong about a desire or a dream?  My goodness, it is a very powerful, moving and motivating feeling!  I am in love with this house, and it might not be the dream that actually comes true, but one day I will have a house at the beach and I can always decorate it in all my favorite colors!  :0)  Life is all about making others feel good, and dreaming to make the impossible happen!  Life is good!  HUGS!!!!

September 28, 2009

What is love?

What is love to you? There are many ways that people interrupt the meaning of love. Here are 2 examples that come to my mind when thinking about the meaning of love. 1. There is the always hoping for true love always and forever. This is more of a utopia that people want to feel or are addicting to feeling when all is new and mysterious. 2. Tough love is another form of love that people use when it is fitting. Meaning they love someone so much that they have to be 'hard' on that person to teach them a lesson. Being 'hard' on a person could mean letting them fail when you sit back and wait for them to understand or learn a lesson.

Now with the meanings mentioned above, what you think?

Love to me is unconditional, understanding, and always the first thing to think of any situation. Without love people are left alone, feeling unwanted, and create something to fill the void(s) that if love was there in the first place they wouldn't have to fill.

Love is always have an understanding of others and their feelings. An understanding that you are not the only one that is in the relationship, friendship, or conversation. That yes you matter and so do others. When a relationship is built on love you will have trust, freedom, and mutual respect for all involved.

Love is always something that should be first in any situation. With a love understanding your intentions are at their purest form and any decision or choice that needs to be made will be made with the best in mind.

Love is something that we all need. We feed on it, and crave it when it is not around. Without love we feel alone, isolated, and create self doubt in ourselves that can lead us to filling voids in our lives in less positive ways.

Are you craving love? Do you feel a void somewhere right now, how can love change it? Think about it.... You must give your truest love away to have the true love feelings return in waves of abundance!

September 27, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

As Daddy, and Jocelyn walk to the bus stop for the first time I found myself stepping back. It was exciting to see, and emotional to know that this was just one of the times that Mommy just wouldn't fit the bill.
The bond that a little girl can build with her Father is so very important. A positive male role model teaches a little girl so much in the years of growing up.
A great Father will teach his daughter morals, values, and self respect. He will show her strength in challenging times. All of the lessons learned will be from a true love, and respect relationship that starts at a very young age.
Steve, and Jocelyn have a bond that is like no other I have seen. He is a great Father, role model, and loves unconditionally. Jocelyn, looks up to him so much. And, I know that if the first 5 years have had such an impact on the both if them that the years ahead will only bring more for the both of them to cherish!
From a proud Mommy, and Wife

July 26, 2009

Back from the beach.....

I just finished up having a great vacation with my family! We went to South Carolina and stayed in Myrtle Beach. I have decided or I should say confirmed that the beach atmosphere is my truest form of happiness. I become so calm, and worry free when I am at the beach it's almost scary how different I feel just by being there. So now I am thinking should my next 'big' move be to the beach? Or should I plan to buy a beach property and plan to live there in the near future? Oh to be at the beach all the time! There are no words that can express how good the beach is for me, and the way I feel during my time visiting.

Loving the beach, any beach!

April 29, 2009

I am thankful!

Good Evening ~

I am jotting down a few thoughts on just being grateful! I have heard so many people complaining and unhappy with what they really have or in their eyes what they don't have. And, truly if you can get up every morning, start your day with good thoughts, and count every blessing that you have what can be so wrong in your life?

I am so very happy for my family, friends, and all the experiences that I have everyday. Good, bad, and anything in between makes me who I am, and continues to keep me grounded.

What am I thankful for this week?

  1. Sunday, Brett's message was a great start to the week! God, has been wonderful in my life!
  2. Monday, Waking up and being able to go to work. Coming home to a fabulous family that is full of love, and happiness!
  3. Tuesday, Spent the day with one of the Best Leader/Mentor. Mom, was able to pick up J, and they were home with big SMILES, and HUGS when I got home!
  4. Wednesday, Went to dinner with the family and had dessert at Starbucks!

And, many more thank yous for the week:

  • Working at home for one day
  • Doing hair for a great family
  • Looking forward to the races on Saturday with my Hubby
  • Helping my BFF with her mail pick up when she is on vacation

Life is Good!

March 1, 2009

Where's the snow?

I am looking forward to the snow that is on its way! I planned to have plenty of food to eat, books to read, and crafts to do for everyone in the family. Well here are late afternoon and we are still waiting. I think I'm more excited than the kids! I want to curl up with a good book get under a cozy blanket watch the snow fall and just relax. I love the feeling that I get from sitting inside and watching it snow. There is something calming, and peaceful for me when I can sit back not worry about going anywhere and just watch the snow fall. Being "snowed-in" makes for great family time, and good times. Oh, please let it snow soon!