September 27, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

As Daddy, and Jocelyn walk to the bus stop for the first time I found myself stepping back. It was exciting to see, and emotional to know that this was just one of the times that Mommy just wouldn't fit the bill.
The bond that a little girl can build with her Father is so very important. A positive male role model teaches a little girl so much in the years of growing up.
A great Father will teach his daughter morals, values, and self respect. He will show her strength in challenging times. All of the lessons learned will be from a true love, and respect relationship that starts at a very young age.
Steve, and Jocelyn have a bond that is like no other I have seen. He is a great Father, role model, and loves unconditionally. Jocelyn, looks up to him so much. And, I know that if the first 5 years have had such an impact on the both if them that the years ahead will only bring more for the both of them to cherish!
From a proud Mommy, and Wife

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