September 28, 2009

What is love?

What is love to you? There are many ways that people interrupt the meaning of love. Here are 2 examples that come to my mind when thinking about the meaning of love. 1. There is the always hoping for true love always and forever. This is more of a utopia that people want to feel or are addicting to feeling when all is new and mysterious. 2. Tough love is another form of love that people use when it is fitting. Meaning they love someone so much that they have to be 'hard' on that person to teach them a lesson. Being 'hard' on a person could mean letting them fail when you sit back and wait for them to understand or learn a lesson.

Now with the meanings mentioned above, what you think?

Love to me is unconditional, understanding, and always the first thing to think of any situation. Without love people are left alone, feeling unwanted, and create something to fill the void(s) that if love was there in the first place they wouldn't have to fill.

Love is always have an understanding of others and their feelings. An understanding that you are not the only one that is in the relationship, friendship, or conversation. That yes you matter and so do others. When a relationship is built on love you will have trust, freedom, and mutual respect for all involved.

Love is always something that should be first in any situation. With a love understanding your intentions are at their purest form and any decision or choice that needs to be made will be made with the best in mind.

Love is something that we all need. We feed on it, and crave it when it is not around. Without love we feel alone, isolated, and create self doubt in ourselves that can lead us to filling voids in our lives in less positive ways.

Are you craving love? Do you feel a void somewhere right now, how can love change it? Think about it.... You must give your truest love away to have the true love feelings return in waves of abundance!

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