April 29, 2009

I am thankful!

Good Evening ~

I am jotting down a few thoughts on just being grateful! I have heard so many people complaining and unhappy with what they really have or in their eyes what they don't have. And, truly if you can get up every morning, start your day with good thoughts, and count every blessing that you have what can be so wrong in your life?

I am so very happy for my family, friends, and all the experiences that I have everyday. Good, bad, and anything in between makes me who I am, and continues to keep me grounded.

What am I thankful for this week?

  1. Sunday, Brett's message was a great start to the week! God, has been wonderful in my life!
  2. Monday, Waking up and being able to go to work. Coming home to a fabulous family that is full of love, and happiness!
  3. Tuesday, Spent the day with one of the Best Leader/Mentor. Mom, was able to pick up J, and they were home with big SMILES, and HUGS when I got home!
  4. Wednesday, Went to dinner with the family and had dessert at Starbucks!

And, many more thank yous for the week:

  • Working at home for one day
  • Doing hair for a great family
  • Looking forward to the races on Saturday with my Hubby
  • Helping my BFF with her mail pick up when she is on vacation

Life is Good!

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