January 3, 2011

Pop Pop - A lesson of strength

One year ago today I found out that my Pop Pop had passed away.  It was shocking, and a relief all in one conversation.  I will never forget how hard that week was for me since I had not lost a close loved one ever.  Sure I had the experiences of loss some close and others not so close, but never a family member that I had a good relationship with for years. 

Pop Pop was so strong.  He was a man of honor, and truth.  He was a man that did what was right regardless of what others thought.  He was a man of few words.  He was a person that listened and didn't judge.  He was a person of love, and kindness.  Pop Pop was LOVE.

In the last year of challenges, and change for me personally I have thought of him often.  I have asked myself if Pop Pop were here what would he tell you right now?  What would he "approve" you doing in this situation?  And, the answer is often - pray first.  Pray first and have patience for the answers.  Stay true to what God wants us from each of and the answers will come, but you also have to be still and listen.  The other lesson that I can say Pop Pop would have given me would be to remain strong.  Put God first, family second, and work third.  To stay focused on the important things in life, pray, have patience, listen, and don't jump to conclusions is hard.  And, if Pop Pop ever lived outside of the values he showed us growing up I never witnessed it.  Pop Pop was my lesson in strength! 

It is my hope that I will change my way to reflect more of my Pop Pop in my daily life.  And, that my children will absorb the good intentions of prayer, strength, and the true meaning of LOVE. 

Pop Pop I miss you everyday!  I know you are having the time of your life right now, enjoy!
Until I see you again,

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