February 28, 2009

An Attitude of Graditude

It is Saturday night and this week is coming to end. Tomorrow will kick off another new week of To Do's, Have To's, and Get To's. But before that starts I wanted to stop and think of the good things and blessing that went on this past week.

  1. I started FPU on Sunday. And, have high hopes that this is the ticket I need for reaching (or at least starting) my financial goals!
  2. I was able to coach two employees on reaching new professional goals for themselves!
  3. I attended 2 middle school basketball games to see Austin play.
  4. I found out that Austin has all As, and Bs in school.
  5. I watched Jocelyn play for hours, and use her imagination to the fullest!
  6. Seeing Jocelyn's facial expressions makes me laugh ( and I am similing now thinking about them) :0)
  7. Steve, gave me lots of HUS, and kisses this for no reason at all
  8. Steve started cooking dinner one night when I was running late with the kids
  9. I talked to my Mom and Dad more than normal
  10. I am surrounded by great friends that would do anything for me

Life is good. I just need to slow down, and see the little things that mean so much to me.

Here is to another great week ahead, Cheers!


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