January 8, 2008


The best things in life are absolutely unseen! Have you ever wished, or dreamed so much that you actually felt like the wish or dream was going to come true? And, then did you noticed when it did come true? That was the unseen. This is the unseen; you can call it your God/Universe/Higher Power; A higher power or emotion than yourself. When you are alone, and sad do you ever feel a slight relief, like maybe you got a HUG? That hug was from the unseen? Have faith, and always believe! You are never alone. The unseen always wants what is the very best for us. And, we need to expect the very best, too. To expect the very best with all your might and having faith that you will be provided exactly what you need/want you will receive it!

1 comment:

  1. ABSOLUTELY true! I have experienced the "unseen" many times:) Good posting, Sarah!