July 9, 2008

Two Life Paths

Let me ask a question? Do you know or trust that there are two paths in life always? Two choices that everyone has to make in any situation they approach? And, yes I know that the choices could be very difficult, but isn't there always a better choice of the two you face?

Ok, so what do you do when someone you know very well (or maybe you think you know them) is always making the less positive choices to better themselves? And, the turns around, and is always complaining about the life they are choosing?

I have prayed, and talked to the person very honestly. And, it just isn't sinking into their head. What I am learning is that this person not an honest person... Saying one thing, and doing another. Actions speak louder than words.

It is upsetting me that I see this person "having so much" in the worldly possessions, and is just missing the boat on the self-worth piece of life.

I think I hold self-worth, family, and friends at a much higher value in my life than maybe this other person does, and I am not observing the actions well.

I will keep praying for her, and her family. And, remain with high hopes that she will make better choices when she has to make another decision for herself, family, and friend around her.

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