August 11, 2008

More to Life?

Have you ever stopped at a crossroad, and just had to take a moment and think? What crossed your mind? Should I find another job? Do I deserve to get paid more, and how much should that really be in dollars? What about finding a bigger, and better home for my family? When is the market going to change? How can I sell to improve my families quality of life? Am I being greedy now that I am thinking all of these thoughts? I feel that at times I can get caught up in the circle of insanity. I do feel that I am a positive person and always seem to look for the higher road, but there are these times that I get caught in the crossroads... What do you do during these times? Any advise?


  1. I think today's world is scary and we need to keep our minds on the big picture. Have Faith. Stay positive. Keep working and doing the very best we can!
    You are very blessed and have a wonderful job and an amazing family. Smile beautiful!

  2. I nominated you for an award. Check out my blog!

  3. OMG how beautiful is your background! LOVE IT