January 24, 2009

2009 has started!! January, is a month of getting it together, focusing on the year ahead, and relaxing after the busy Holiday Season. To start the year off in a positive direction I have started a journal to list my goals and how I am going to move towards making them happen. I am not a fan of making false or misleading resolutions that can set me up to fail. The resolution ideas are good for some, but for me if I fail at a resolution it makes me feel as if I failed in life. And, that is just not a feeling that I need in addition to all of the other life things we have going on. So, I just make goals. And, as long as I take action towards the goals that I have set for myself I feel the wins of accomplishments. After this post I am going to put together a list of goals that I am currently working on, and others that I will start to move in the direction of accomplishment! I am looking forward to a great year for myself, my family, and friends. Have a great 2009!

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