January 26, 2009

The 2 reasons I breathe

I want to introduce you to the two reasons that I breathe everyday! The two children in this picture are my inspirations. Austin, is almost 13, and Jocelyn is 4 1/2. I wake up and hope they make the best choices everyday, and pray that they will always know what is best. When I slow down, listen, and watch there is so much to learn from both kids it is amazing. Austin, can reason ideas, thoughts, and actions. And at almost 13 I can have an adult-like conversation with him and he understands. He will also give his view of a situation and explain why he feels the way he does. It is amazing how at such a young age he really has a good head on his shoulders. I can only pray and trust that he will continue to make good choices, and a level head in the years to come.
And, then there is Jocelyn. Have you ever stopped to listen to a young child use their imagination to the fullest of their ability? WOW through her eyes I have been to castles, grocery stores, and Alaska. I have danced, played in the rain, and went down a swirl-twist-hilly slides. She dances all over all the time. She sings at the top of her lungs without a care in the world. She has reminded me of being care, and worry free. She has never met a stranger and if she knows you she will always say a prayer for you and your family. And, if you have children she will always want to call and go for a play date. Thank you Austin, and Jocelyn for providing me the breathe of fresh air through your eyes! I love you both so very much.

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